SOLARTECH PORTABLE BATTERY CHARGER (SPV module with, stand, wiring & charge controller)

Solartech Portable Battery chargers are very useful to charge batteries where other power is not available. SOLARTECH Battery Charges are light weight, portable, folding type SPV module and are useful for man-pack radios, communications sets, vehicle batteries field equipment and lighting with an option of 6/12/24 volt DC supply or voltage as per customer's specific requirement. Bigger battery chargers are suitable for Defence Detachments, Posts, battery charging at fixed locations with charging protections.

Sr. No. Model No. Features
a. BTCH 604/5 For charging 6V 4AH to 6V 12 AH Battery
b. BTCH 1207/10 For charging 12V 7AH to 12V 14AH Battery
c. BTCH 1220/20 For charging 12V 20AH to 24V 20 AH Battery
d. BTCH 1240/35 For charging 12V 40AH to 24V 40AH Battery
e. BTCH 1275/70 For charging 12V 75AH to 12V 150AH or 24V 75AH Battery
f. BTCH 12120/105 For charging 12V 120AH to 12V 240AH Battery
g. BTCH 12180/140 For charging 12V 180AH to 24V to 180AH Battery
h. BTCH 2475/70 For charging 24V 75AH to 24V 150AH Battery

Optional Accessories for above:

1. BTCH -C-C Charging lead with crocodile clips
2. BTCH -M-C Charging lead with connecting pin for Motorola set
3. BTCH-HI-C Charging lead with 3 pin connector for HHTI Israel
4. Mounting frame Charging lead with base connector for HHTI France