Solartech SLS are independent source of light in remote areas, streets, farm houses, construction sites, guard location, parking lots, squares, etc. throughout the night for safety/seurity purpose. The energy stored during the day is used during the night. The light automatically switches on at sunset and switches off at sunrise or can be controlled manually as per the model you select.

Solar SLS consists of module(s), Tubular/SMF Battery with battery box, 5mtr pole (4mtr above ground), Lamp housed in weather proof assembly having reflector on its back & inbuilt mosfet based charge Controller & Invertor.

SLITE 1220/20 with MO 1 no. 18-20W PV Module 12V,40AH 1no. 7W CFL/LED With hybrid Solar and AC Charger
SLITE 1240/35 with MO 1 no. 35-37W PV Module 12V,40AH 1no. 11W CFL With manual opn. precision timer(opn.)
SLITE 1220/20 with SE 1 no. 70-74W or 2 nos. 35-37W 12V,40AH 1no. 11W CFL With Dusk to dawn automatic operation having hybrid Solar and AC Charger opn.
SLITE 1275/74-SMF with Solar Eye 1 no. 70-74W or 2 nos. 35-37W 12V,75AH 1no. 11W CFL Dusk to dawn operation with tubular battery with 1*11W CFL
SLITE 12100/120/1L-22 12V 120W 12V,75AH 2*11W CFL PV Module Dusk to dawn operation automatic operation with tubular battery
SLITE 12100/120/2L-11 12V 120W 12V,100AH 2 luminaires of 11W CFL each 2 Lights inside and outside of general room or double luminaires in a pole
SLITE 12150/140-36 2 nos. 70-75W 12V,100AH 1 no. of 36W lamp With dusk or Dawn manual operation
SLITE 1220 AC/IR/500 20W 12V,150AH 150W Heliozoan Light with IR Sensor
SLITE 12100/105 3no.s of 35-37W module 12V,20AH 18 or 22W CFL With manual or with Dusk to dawn opn.
SLITE 12300/280 Solar Wind Hybrid 4 no.s 70-75 W PV Module or 1no. 300W WInd Electric generator 12V,100AH 55W Sox Lamp High Powered Security Light