Solartech Water Heating System

Solartech Water Heating Systems are useful to meet the requirements of hot water of Defence, Industries, Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels, Mess, Canteens, Religious and Charitable Institutes, Educational Institutes, Residence etc., for bathing, Washing, Cleaning, Cooking, Process Heating, Boiler Feed Water, Leather Tanning, Food Processing, Space Heating, H.D. Oil Heating, Component Washing, Dyeing, Painting, Ice Melting at high altitudes areas, etc.

Basic cost of Solartech Water Heating System includes cost of Solartech (SSSPL) make Cu-Cu. Selectively coated 'A' size Solar Flat Plate Collectors made of Aluminium body with toughened glass; Insulated Hot Water Storage Tank, Air Vent & Drainage, Interconnections; Circulation Piping in between the system; Collectors & Hot Water Tank Stand; Control Valve; Temp, Guage, etc.

Sr. No. Model No. System Capacity in LPD at
a. SHW-1 100/125
b. SHW-2 200/250
c. SHW-3 300/375
d. SHW-4 500/625
e. SHW-5 1000/1250

1 Systems with Heat Exchanger, in case of places with salty water & with Antifreeze solution for high altitude areas & imported Evacuated Tube Collectors based Water Heating Systems are also available on specific demand.
2 Levelled shadow free, suitable space, hot water and overhead cold water supply & connections, Electrical wiring (if required), grouting material to our systems etc. will be provided by you.