Solartech Stills (For Distilled Water)

'Solartech' still use sunlight to produce distilled water from brackish or saline water. Sunlight is absorbed by the water and it evaporates. The water vapour condenses on the relatively collar glass cover and the condensate-distilled water is collected by appropriate channels.

'Solartech' still are the result of extensive design and development effort aimed at eliminating various problems encountered with the conventional design. For example, in 'Solartech' portable still, to eliminate scaling problems, the whole still (including the distilled water channels) is made in the form of an integral mould.

'Solartech' still ensure consistent supply of distilled water. These systems are offered in a basic portable configuration. A number of these portable stills can be easily interconnected when there are large requirements of distilled water varying from 2 LPD to 100 LPD.

Sr. No. Model No. System Capacity in LPD at
a. SS 2.5 2.5 Ltr./Day
b. SS 5 5 Ltr./Day
c. SS 10 10 Ltr./Day
d. SS DX 4 4 Ltr./Day
e. SS DX 8 8 Ltr./Day
f. SS DX 12 12 Ltr./Day
g. SS DX 20 20 Ltr./Day

Salient Features
1 Battery Charging
2 Any desired output
3 Trouble-free operation
4 Pay-pack period: 1 year
5 Complete independence from fuels/electricity
6 Easy interconnection
7 TDS of less than 30 ppm
8 Negligible maintenance
9 Long Life

1 For better performance of the still place it on 25mm thick thermocole/mineral wool slab.
2 The distilled water delivered by solar system is not pyrogen-free.
3 For higher capacity of solar distilled water requirements, number of solar stills can be interconnected and saline/impure water can be fed through feeder cup/make-up tank (optional).

1 Systems with Heat Exchanger, in case of places with salty water & with Antifreeze solution for high altitude areas & imported Evacuated Tube Collectors based Water Heating Systems are also available on specific demand.
2 Levelled shadow free, suitable space, hot water and overhead cold water supply & connections, Electrical wiring (if required), grouting material to our systems etc. will be provided by you.