Terms and Conditions
Payment Above rates are based on 100% Payment at the time of delivery of material beforw despatch. However in case of CDA payment after delivery of material because of delay in payment(credit) 5% of cost will be charged extra.
Delivery Immediate from our ready stock except in exceptional cases or in case quantum of order is big.
Warrantee 1 year against any manufacturing defect
Transport Upto 10% extra subject to your location, quantum of order and our confirmation or as per actual
Packing Charges 5% of the system Cost
Sales TAX/VAT 5.25% VAT or as applicable at the time of delivery or 2% against form 'C'.
Installation Charges 10% cost extra for plains & 20% for High Altitude Areas in whichever case installation is required.
Discounts The Price are subject to change. Also, special discounts at our discretion can be offered based on big order on specific items.
Note 1. Material is available Ex-stock & can be lifted on any working day agaianst D.D/Cash payment from our Works/Office in Chandigarh.
2. Few of the Products for bulk purchase are available on DGS&D rate contract. This copy of DGS & D RC can be sent specific demand.