Su Solartech Systems (P) Ltd.
Few Of Our Solar Products and their Prices
a)  Multi LED Lantern
b)  Solar PV Module
c)  AC Adapter
d)  Mobile Charging Lead
    1. Model (i)
Model (ii)
Model (iii)
EMLITE 60403/3-S/LED
EMLITE 60403/3-A/LED
EMLITE 60403/3-H/LED
    2. Brand Name SSSPL
    3. LAMP 3W Multi LED
    4. SPV Panel Rating 3W Si-Crystalline
    5. Body ABS Plastic Body
    6. Battery 6V, 4Ah SMF Battery
    7. Mobile Charging point Available
    8. Connecting wire Provided
    9. Mobile Charging Lead Optional
   10. AC Adapter Optional
   11. Color Red / Yellow
   12. Packing List Model(i). LED Lantern with SPV Panel(a+b)
Model(ii). LED Lantern with AC Adapter(a+c)
Model(iii). LED Lantern with both Solar and AC Adapter(a+b+c)
   13. Basic Price of Model(i)
Basic Price of Model(ii)
Basic Price of Model(iii)
Rs. 1,750/-*
Rs. 1,125/-*
Rs. 1,950/-*    * Terms and Conditions apply
   14. Accessories Mobile Charging Lead Rs.50/- Extra
   15. Note: a) Packing, Forwarding and Transportation charges extra as per actual.
b) Taxes : Extra @ 5.25% or as applicable
   16. Payment Options i) RTGS / NEFT